The Birth of Ol’ Pigtoes

Catherine and Lewis ChumbleyOl’ Pigtoes is a story handed down through my family. I have no idea where my grandparents, Lewis and Catherine Chumbley (originally of Russell County, Kentucky) got it, but growing up, I (along with my brothers, cousins, friends, et al.) heard it repeated many times, not only by them, but also by my father, Evestus “Tack” Chumbley, uncles and aunts. It’s a simple story that puts children (mainly, in the kindergarden to second-grade age range) on the edge of their seat and gives them a “good scare” —the kind of scare children like to hear while sitting around a campfire. To the “scary” aspect of the original story, I have added a moral that is meant to teach fathers an important lesson about what children need most from their fathers.

I hope the story of Ol’ Pigtoes becomes a cherished part of your family tradition and lore, just as it has been a part of my family’s.

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One comment on “The Birth of Ol’ Pigtoes
  1. Ed Brand says:

    Man Kenny, you look old. Really old, but not as old as Ol’ Pigtoes.How come you never me told me about Ol’ Pigtoes?

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