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Ol' Pigtoes

Frances was the much-loved pet pig of the McBean girls.

That is, until the day the McBean family ran out of bacon and Farmer McBean announced his intention to turn Frances into bacon!

Farmer McBean, however, did not count on a hair-raising, bone-chilling, goosebumply visit from OL' PIGTOES.

Written by Kenny Chumbley
Illustrated by Kelli Roos
Hardcover, dust jacket, $15.00

The Green Children

Based on a 12th-century English legend, The Green Children is a story of the Otherfolk, and in particular, two green children by the names of Bud and Blossom. When they fall into the clutches of the evil Squire Scrum, it looks as though they will never return to their home in the great forest.

Children love this story and its lesson of loyal friendship. "Ah friendship-it's the kind of love that's found among the angels."

Story by Kenny Chumbley
As told by Jim McGuiggan
Illustrated by Nadya Ruvinsky
Softcover, $10.00



Ol' Pigtoes



A complete revision of the 1999 edition that has been used and cited by many.

Kenneth L. Chumbley
eBook, $10.00
Hardcover, dustjacket, $20.00

Available October 1, 2016



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