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Children’s Literary Classics is pleased to announce that The Green Children, by Kenny Chumbley and Jim McGuiggan and illustrated by Nadya Ruvinsky, has been selected to receive the Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval. . . . Kenny Chumbley and Jim McGuiggan have teamed up to pen an outstanding children’s picture book about the incredible bond that exists between the truest of friends. . . . Eloquently penned and exquisitely told, The Green Children has much to offer young readers in this engaging tale which resonates with a powerful message of unconditonal love.”
From Children’s Literary Classics’ press release

"We got the book this afternoon. I am so happy that I read it, important lessons , beautiful illustrations. Great job!! I really appreciate it. I hope you have more to sell because I am going to tell to my friends, their kids need to read it."
SR, Virginia

Story by Kenny Chumbley
As told by Jim McGuiggan
Illustrated by Nadya Ruvinsky
Hardcover book, CD recording: $20 + shipping

The Green Childrean

Frances was the much-loved pet pig of the McBean girls.

That is, until the day the McBean family ran out of bacon and Farmer McBean announced his intention to turn Frances into bacon!

Farmer McBean, however, did not count on a hair-raising, bone-chilling, goosebumply visit from OL' PIGTOES.

Written by Kenny Chumbley
Illustrated by Kelli Roos
Hardcover, dust jacket, $15.00


Ol' Pigtoes

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